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Achondroplasia 101
Causes and Prevention


How achondroplasia is inherited
Causes and Prevention
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What chromosomal events led to Achondroplasia:


At present, there are no treatments to increase growth in an individual with achondroplasia. Therapy is directed toward preventing or treating complications of achondroplasia.

The stigma of dwarfism in general has been somewhat ameliorated by pop culture. Verne J. Troyer, age 32, played the popular role of "Mini-me" in Austin Powers 2. He is 32 inches tall.



There is no way to prevent the majority of cases of achondroplasia, since these births result from totally unexpected gene mutations in unaffected parents. Genetic counseling can help affected adults make informed decisions about family planning. For resources click on "Links" on the menu at left.

Progress in the treatment of achondroplasia:

Scientists have recently identified the gene and the exact mutation in the gene that causes achondroplasia. The gene is one of a family of genes that make proteins called "fibroplast growth factor of receptors." Scientists have recently linked these genes with several skeletal disorders.

Scientists are now investigating how the faulty protein actually causes the features of Achondroplasia.

With more research scientists could find improved treatment for this disorder as well as treatment for other skeletal disorders.